67.09.10. - Boom, Århus, Denmark (show at 20:00, tickets 14,50 DKR)

* Support: Wishful Thinking, Step By Step, Shaking Phantoms, Barney and his Dandy-bublers

* Songs: 3 songs from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

"The English group Pink Floyd left some very strong impressions after their first Danish performance in Boom Dancing Center. More than 1,000 people attended the show, more than 1,000 was estimated to have waited in vain outside. I spoke with the Pink Floyd after the concert:

"How comes that your vocal hardly could be heard?"

"Not that strange, the microphones did not work, at last we shut them of"

It was meant that the Pink Floyd should play after the top 10 charts, but when it came to number 4, the group entered the stage and went on right away, even before the turntables were shut of. We only heard 3 songs from their record, and they were all treated so you could not hear which. The light does not work as pictures, but as space, where the psychedelic feeling is. Sid's [sic] only remark after the concert was "How the audience screamed, does people never clap their hands here in this country?" (from Aarhus Stiftstidende, September 11, 1967, p 5).


67.09.11. - Star-Club, København, Denmark (show at 20:00, tickets 10 DKR)

* Support: Beefeaters, Peter Belli & B.B. Brothers, Steppeulvene, The Clan, Hitmakers, Ebonies, Melvis and the Case (and Defenders) - Steppeulvene did probably not play.

* Songs: Instrumentals and Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun

"Today the new pop groups not only wants to give the audience a concert, they want to give the audience a total experience in pictures and sound effects. Pink Floyd has reached very far in this effort. The material was instrumental, and one of the few songs you could recognize was "Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun"" (from BT, September 12, 1967).


67.09.12. - Star-Club, København, Denmark (show at 20:00, tickets 10 DKR)

* Support: Beefeaters, Peter Belli & B.B. Brothers, Steppeulvene, The Clan, Hitmakers, Ebonies, Melvis and the Case


67.09.13. - Star-Club, København, Denmark (show at 20:00, tickets 10 DKR)

* Support: Beefeaters, Peter Belli & B.B. Brothers, Steppeulvene, The Clan, Hitmakers, Ebonies, Melvis and the Case

* Songs: Reaction In G, Arnold Layne, Instrumental, Mathilda Mother, Scream My Last Scream, Astronomy Domine (Audience recording)


70.03.21. - Tivolis Koncertsal, København, Denmark (show at 20:00)

* Songs: A Saucerful of Secrets a.o. (Audience recording ? not in circulation)

"The songs were like hymns in a fantastic cathedral, inhabited by beautiful and free people. In the more structured songs it happened a little to often, that the guitar playing got a little to savage (and to loud) and you could not give yourself away to the music." (from Ekstra Bladet March 23, 1970, p 37).

"Against custom there was no support act the other day for Pink Floyd. Partly because Pink Floyd has so much equipment, and partly because the four English guys with assistance of tape recordings a.m. can create enough sound for a whole night of up to three hours. Sound enough, but music - that is the question. I do not think of the sound level as anti-musical, the electric music has proved that the loud sound levels can ad a new dimension to the music, and Pink Floyd understands the dramatic in building up a dynamic piece, even though it sometimes is difficult for them to control the many watts. The difference between Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix is that Pink Floyd does not structure these sound effects rhythmical. Nothing more than effects. In this way the evenings concert became a demonstration of the sound possibilities in this special electric universe, but also an illustration of how empty it can be". (Information March 23, 1970, p 5).

"Pink Floyd's concert last Saturday was perfect. Exactly as they sound on records. Same vision as when they started, and in some way they belong to the few surviving beat groups. Like Rolling Stones and Beatles they have a vision and a starting point, which they develop stepwise. Maybe Pink Floyd's technical development is bigger than their musical, but you can not get by them". (Politiken March 23, 1970, p 12).


70.11.12.- Falkoner Centret, København, Denmark (show at 20:00 and 22:30)

1st show - Songs: Astronomy Domine, Fat Old Sun, Cymbaline, Atom Heart Mother, Green Is The Colour, Carefull With That Axe Eugene, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, A Saucerful Of Secrets, Embryo Part II (Audience recording, 2 different sources)

2nd show - Songs: not known.

"Pink Floyd impressed still another time here in Falkoner Centret, 3,800 in the audience, with their cosmic sound, the four English guys dominated the technical equipment to a scary degree. Pink Floyd are distinguished exponents for the most experimenting part of the beat scene, they are the future? Hardly, but it is exiting". (BT November 13, 1970, p 30)

"I do not think that Pink Floyd is that dedicated to the trip, it seems that they directs and programs the trip, in this way they give us the opportunity to take part in this mental trip. When I see Pink Floyd on stage, I feel they miss one dimension, the body is not involved in their trip, no spontaneity. The question is does Pink Floyd want this close contact to their audience, this night at Falkoner Centret it looked like it is the audience who has the will to begin this contact." (Ekstra Bladet November 13, 1970, p 20)

"And the galaxy sang, we laughed at Cymbaline, breathless they left us for two and a half hour, with open mouths and pressed throats, if anything is a trip, it is Pink Floyd". (Politiken November 13, 1970, p 16)

"Pink Floyd's concerts is still a confrontation between planets, and the best of all is that it is a combination of modern technique and the sound of the future and still it is so beautiful and warm". (Jyllands-Posten November 15, 1970, p 2:25)


70.11.13. - Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Århus, Denmark (show at 20:30)

* Songs: Green Is the Colour, Careful with that Axe Eugene, Set the Controls for the heart of the Sun, A Saucerful of Secrets, Cymbaline, Astronomy Domine, Embryo, Blues (Audience recording)

"Electronic super dance, 3,000 saw Pink Floyd yesterday, mainly youngsters, many stood up and shacked frantic some in pleasure, other thought the technique had taken the control of the humans/the group" (Aarhus Stiftstidende November 14, 1970).


71.09.23. - K.B. Hallen, København, Denmark (show at 20:00)

* Songs: Carefull With That Axe Eugene, Fat Old Sun, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Cymbaline, Atom Heart Mother, Echoes, A Saucerful Of Secrets, Blues (Audience recording).


72.11.10.- K.B. Hallen, København, Denmark (show at 20:00, extra show))

* Songs: Speak To Me, Breathe, On The Run, Time, The Great Gig In The Sky, Money, Us And Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse, One Of These Days, Atom Heart Mother, Echoes (Audience recording)


72.11.11. - K.B. Hallen, København, Denmark (show at 20:00, first scheduled show)

* Songs: Carefull With that Axe Eugene, Set The Controls for The Heart of the Sun a.o.

"Chock treatment. The music is exciting but over time it becomes boring, because Pink Floyd does not know what to do with the effects, the music often ends in some dooms day roar, which seems very old fashioned because of all the technique and effects". (Ekstra Bladet November 13, 1972, p 29).